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We Can Solve This: Climate Change

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Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook
We Can Solve This: San Francisco Leads the Way – Climate Change
Source: Climate Reality Project
Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook

This video reminds us just how possible it is to make negative climate change a thing of the past and how much we are already doing. As one of the largest (United States) producers of waste in the world, it makes us proud to see just how proactive San Francisco is. It is a beautiful city with good reason. Already many stores in the area have begun to make reusable bags a thing of the present while encouraging people to bring their own bags. On the Norfolk State University campus one can already see water fountains with refillable stations for water bottles like the one featured in the video. We have already invested in stainless steel water bottles made to last and with environmentally friendly materials (not plastic). In fact, many of the inititives to reduce waste are also a cost savings to both the consumer and the company as we move towards sustainable, realistic and options that are friendly to the environment that we live in.

In fact, these green solutions offer countless benefits: solar panels (which Prince Charles himself uses) as well as green roofs provide cost savings a responsible use of natural resources and fresh air not to mention the many other benefits green spaces offer humans. Recycling is nice. A nice way for tweens and teens to earn a little extra cash by turning recycled items in to establishments that still pay for these materials. The benefits are truly endless and a means that are sustainable. We could not be more excited about the example San Francisco offers to other cities and we are not far behind.

What are some ways that you contribute to the health of our environment? Do you have a water bottle? How often do you use it? We have been know to bring our water bottles to restaurants. Its not mainstream yet, but just wait.

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