Water Harvesting

Stepts to Water Harvesting

1 – Information
2 – Resources
3 – Training & Education

4 – Implementation
5 – Collaborate & Exemplify
6 – Community Champion & Partner(s)
7 – Repeat


Get information about water harvesting here.

Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation and deposition of rainwater for reuse on-site, rather than allowing it to run off. Rainwater can be collected from roofs, and in many places the water collected is redirected to a deep pit (well, shaft, or borehole). Uses may include flushing of toilets and urinals inside buildings, landscape irrigation, exterior washing (e.g. carwashes, building facades, sidewalks, street sweepers, firetrucks, etc.), fire suppression (sprinkler) systems, supply for chilled water cooling towers, replenishing and operation of water features and water fountains, and laundry, if approved by the local authority. Replenishing of pools may be acceptable if special measures are taken, as approved by the appropriate regulatory authority.

Rainwater harvesting provides an independent water supply during regional water restrictions and in developed countries is often used to supplement the main supply. It provides water when there is a drought, can help mitigate flooding of low-lying areas, and reduces demand on wells which may enable groundwater levels to be sustained. It also helps in the availability of potable water as rainwater is substantially free of salinity and other salts. Application of rainwater harvesting in urban water system provides a substantial benefit for both water supply and wastewater subsystems by reducing the need for clean water in water distribution system, less generated stormwater in sewer system, as well as a reduction in stormwater runoff polluting freshwater bodies.
Source: vaswcd.org/rainwater-harvesting – VA Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

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Get resources for water harvesting here.

Rain Barrels

Every home can have a rain barrel. Rain barrels store rainwater which reduces flooding and pollution. You can use the water for your garden or to wash your car to save on your utility bill!

Please note: Elizabeth River Project is now accepting rain barrel applications for residents who reside in the Elizabeth River Watershed. Learn more at the Elizabeth River Project website.
Source: City of Norfolk

Training & Education

Learn how to water harvest here.

Virginia Rain Harvesting Manual

How to Maintain Your Water Barrel
Source: City of Norfolk


Learn how to execute your water harvesting system.

Collaborate & Exemplify

Collaborate with people in your community to water harvest and see how its done.

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Community Champions & Partners

Learn about community champions or partners who have or are implementing a water harvesting system or contribute to the establishment of water harvesting systems here.

Learn how rain barrels can help you get Bay Star Home status. Community Partner / Source: City of Norfolk

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Repeat the Process

If you have completed this process, complete it with your neighbor and become a community champion or partner.

Community Champion & Partner
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