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Trump contracts COVID

After Biden and Trump’s debate at the end of September 2020, it was reported that Trump contracted COVID 19 along with many others in his camp such as Mrs. Trump and Kellyanne Conway. He soon was admitted to Walter Reed and days later returned to the White house to complete his recovery. COVID 19 is indeed the most profound and controversial disease of our lifetime. While some countries have managed the disease fairly well (Japan), others (U.S.) have not. Like most diseases, COVID 19 is no respecter of persons infecting anyone in its path and drawing mixed emotions from across the globe. Some NPR c(National Public Radio) callers are skeptical of the vaccine and believe that such things should be tested on the country’s administrators first and after 2 years the rest of us can follow our hearts. In this instance, this caller just may have gotten her wish.

With the world’s history rife with the experimentation of disease and drugs on unknowing populations, one can see why some might be skeptical and want to weigh all the facts as they bare out. The Tuskegee Airman are a prime example of involuntary medical experimentation, which not only impacted them, it impacted those in their families as well. Disease can be both murky and deadly. Regardless of your thoughts on COVID 19 we encourage our readers to be well informed about the decisions they make regarding their health and to take every precaution to protect yourselves and others from COVID 19.How do you protect yourself and others from COVID 19? What should a national plan look like? How has your area been impacted by COVID 19?

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