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The Urban Landscape

Chef Ponder was to the point about the food choices in our urban environments. He warned us that our food choices are often to full of meats, canned and frozen foods and often lacked choices of fresh vegetables, fruits and fresh foods in general. And so was inspired our organic garden. My grandfather had a corn field where our neighbor’s house is located now. So, it was not hard for us to take the leap and reclaim some urban space for gardening.

Our beginnings were and are humble. So, we have a lot of hope for our garden. Not only will it provide us a reprieve from the food choices to often found in urban grocery settings, it will also give us some organic options as well. Chef Ponder pointed out to us that many of the health challenges we face today may be solved by proper diet. I have personally suffered tremendously because of a mineral and vitamin deficiency and know many other women who have also suffered like me. Needless to say, we have high hopes for our journey and know improvements do not happen over night.

As always at the root of any organic mission is your health and wellness. During a time when Corona is so prevalent, we can all appreciate those things that add to our good health and well being. What challenges have you faced because of poor diet? What would you like to grow in your garden? How can you transform your urban landscape into a vegetation heaven? Join us on our organic journey.

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