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The Story of Two Trellises

trellised beans shidonna raven garden and cook

Today one of our neighbors and garden cohorts came over to help us trellis our beans. Beans like tomatoes need something to grow up on. Pumpkin and watermelon will grow along the ground. But other tendril like plants like green beans and tomatoes need to grow up and not along the ground. Bean plants can actually grow pretty tall like tomato plants. So, today we placed the beans into 2 types of trellises. One type (red) is circular while the other (green) is a flat web of string placed between to poles or stakes, so that the plants can grow up and have plenty of space to bare their fruit.

Trellised Beans
Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook

What other plants need to be trellised? Which plants can grow along the ground? How do you care for the plants that grow along the ground and not up? Wondering? Post your questions below.

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