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The Great Pumpkin

Many of you know that Pumpkin suffered the first fatality in our garden from an unknown pest. We spotted a white and black cat in the garden today. While some of us do not believe cats are the pests we need to worry about, we still have not truly identified the culprit. The garden has attracted many birds and possibly the birds are attracting the cats. It is not the first nor last cat we will see around here – pre garden. Both the Pumpkins big and beautiful leaves were missing leaving only a stalk, which never produced more leaves once the only two it had were gone. As you might expect Pumpkin was our largest sprout and one of the first plants to go out into the garden from the mini greenhouse. It was an interesting plant we truly enjoyed watch growing so when it suffered its attack, we were all pretty disappointed.

Like most gardeners we were far from giving up. We sowed another few seeds from our arsenal and hopes of getting it out in time for fall and we are thus far on schedule. The good news is Pumpkin is beginning to show signs of sprouting as you can see. We expect to see two bold and beautiful (soap opera reference :)) green leaves soon. When Pumpkin finally sprouts and makes its return we will transplant her out into the garden and be sure to give you an update. Pumpkin’s anticipated return it here!

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