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Temperature Check & Your Health Care Information

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Featured Image Source: Unsplash, Mufid Majnun 

In an era where companies such as Facebook and Cambridge Analytica was involved in one of the largest privacy and data breaches of Facebook members and hospitals are placing patient information on the internet in unprecedented amounts and ways giving access to patient information typically without their awareness of: who and how much access people have to their medical information. And with organizations like Google seeking to monetize this information. Within this context, one must ask, where has privacy gone in this rising surveillance world.

In the face of the pandemic we struggled as a country to grapple with the pandemic and to move past it as soon as possible. You have likely had your temperature checked at the unlikeliest of places recently from dealerships to beauty supply stores as companies sought to protect their employees and their customers from infection of the COVID 19 virus. In addition to a temperature check you likely have answered a series of questions and health information was collected about you. These companies and organizations are not health professionals and do not readily have the same protections that health care professionals had or used to have in the post freedom of information world.

So where does your information go? Who sees it? How is it protected? How does HIPPA apply? How should the government respond? Where is your health care information? Who can see your health care information and how are they using it? And are you okay with that?

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