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How is the Garden?

As you already know, one of the number one questions we get is: how is the garden? This question helped to encourage this site. The answer is a lot of good things are happening in the garden. While we still are keeping our eye out for slugs, snails and flies, for the most part they seem to be under control. But, Mother Nature is always full of surprises. So we will be keeping our eyes peeled. We have seen a few snails here and there. They are tricky because you do not always know what is in the shell. We currently have been treating the garden with the Organic Pest remedy: Oatmeal. Stay tuned for updates on if this Organic Remedy for snails is effective.

The Vole seems to have been taken care of. We have seen no more signs of eaten leaves although there are still a few flies around. The ants however seem to be our most difficult pest. We have been doing a regimen of ground black pepper and water solution, fertilizer for the plants health, marigold flowers (which ants dislike) and Neem Oil, all which should help. Some help more than others. Overall our Organic Remedies have worked although the verdict is still out on the ants, snails and slugs.

Our Roma Tomatoes, San Marzano Tomatoes, Squash, Pumpkin, Sugar Baby Water Melon and Green Bean Plants are all doing very well. They have developed root systems and have begun multiplying their leaves and growing tall. We believe a Vole was causing a lot of havoc in the garden. Now that we have addressed that problem the garden seems to be taking off. Two of our bean plants have been leaning over. Their stalks are very tall, lean and can normally bear the weight of its fruit (beans) thus far. However, we identified two bean plants that needed some additional support so; we staked them with a few wooden paint stirrers that we got from the paint section for free. We will still have to keep our eyes open for flies, snails and slugs so they do not eat the leaves and the harvest. We thus continue to treat the plants with Neem Oil (an Organic Pest Remedy).

Have you started a garden? Do you have house plants? Send us pictures and leave us a comment telling us all about it. As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep growing. Share your comments with the community by posting them below. Share the wealth of health with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today.

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Slug to Snail in 60 Seconds

Garden Snails

When you read Eliot Coleman’s books one of the things he will tell you is that, some of the best farmers are great observers of nature. What we have observed is while nature may take its time to produce a tomato, a slug can turn into a snail within a matter of a day. Either these slugs are very good at hiding or they are very fast at transformation. So, why should the gardener be concerned about such observations and nature?

The Slug was first larva. Most gardeners will tell you that some insects and animals are there to help the processes you need to occur in the garden to produce healthy fruit bearing trees while others are not helpful. Normally they are described as either good or bad bugs as some plants are described as plants and others as weeds. Some things will help you along the way and others things will not. Nonetheless, within it all is the overall balance of nature, which we are still observing. Observing implies that we do not all there is to know about nature.

As we identify those things that are helpful to our Organic Garden Pursuits and those that are not, we can begin to enhance the garden experience by managing these things. First we have to identify those things that are helpful and those things that are not. Then we can decide how to properly address them. An Organic Remedy for larva is different than that of a slug and even a snail. This is not always the case but often there are some differences.

Time is of the essence when you are dealing with those things that are not helpful to your garden. I have found that in the case of the snail things moved very quickly. One day I had larva the next I had slugs and the next I had snails and some at the same time. Just as I was researching one Organic Remedy, my pest had transformed into something else. Yesterday I found that I had to conduct research for the pest and address the pest within the hour albeit it was a snail at this point. I mistook larva for an insect caught in a spider web and while I was still identifying my pest half the crop was being eaten up.

The good news is as one becomes more experienced and quicker to respond the better these issues can be addressed. How do you know when a plant is in trouble? How do you try to get at the root of the problem? How do you identify what the problem is? How can you solve a problem if you do not know what the problem is? As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep growing!

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