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Ice Ice, Baby

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For many gardeners watering can be a daunting task. While nature can be unpredictable, it often does not dump a bunch of water on a plant all at once time. Rain typically happens over time and thus waters gradually. However, gardeners who use watering cans often place a lot of water on their plants at once and hurry to complete this task. A sprinkler is typically a better option because it has setting and can water plants over time rather than all at once. Another option are watering globes, which are great for plants that like moisture and constant and steady watering.

However simple water cubes are a great way to intermediately and gradually to water plants as the ice slowly releases water to water the plants as appose to all at once, freeing the gardener up to do other things. Both the watering globes and ice cubes are a great option for the right house plants.

Do you have house plants? Do you garden indoors or outdoors? Which option works best for which plants: watering can, sprinkler, watering globes or ice cubes?

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