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Medications & Substance Abuse

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There is nothing more sensational than a star and their story of substance abuse. The questions is how do they get there. Indeed COVID 19 has highlighted the pharmaceutical industry as the world waits on the edge of its seat for a cure. In the mist of the pandemic many companies have gone under; others have faced tough times and decisions and yet others have re-invited themselves: namely Kodak. Kodak, famous for photo production, has now decided to get into the pharmaceutical business. Indeed there are many medicines, typically derived from nature, that have made a world of difference. There is no denying that the pharmaceutical industry makes several millions annually and often repackage a drug already on the market so they can circumvent clinical trails. The purpose of clinical trails is to confirm the medicine works and does what it claims to do.

Several times we have been offered medicines or a procedure that could be avoided by making changes in our diet, i.e. dialysis in place of increasing iron intake and taking a dietary supplement. In fact the medicines can add up quickly during one hospital visit. In some cases the symptoms produced by one medicine lead to the prescription of another medicine to address conditions one would not have if they did not take the medicine. In fact many doctors report that their patience soon suffer substance abuse. But many medicines are some type of drug. Its easy to see how multiple drug prescriptions can lead to substance abuse if one is not careful.

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