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MiMi’s Flower Moves

House Plant

When MiMi’s flower came to us, it was just a pack of seeds, a pot and growing medium. Since then the plant has grown into a thriving seedling. We have moved it from our “nursery” aka the lawn table set to the front porch to adorn the front yard. It has not grown into a full flower yet. But, she is in a new and larger clay pot with fresh soil and a lot of sun to grow. She already is brightening up the place and should grow into a wonderful addition to the front yard.

As we previously stated, MiMi’s flower was somewhat of an experiment as we placed all the seeds into the pot. The packet recommended sowing just a few and saving the rest. So, we got a lot of sprouts and may see some crowding in the days to come. We will be keeping an eye on her. She may need to be divided up in to more pots to give each flower space to grow or she may just go into a bigger pot so all the flowers can grow together as a bouquet. One of the things we did notice with the growing medium and pot within a pot method, which allowed excess water to both drain and be captured (similar to a plant tray) is that MiMi’s flower had a well developed root system and was very moist.

For a few dollars this is a wonderful way to bring color and life to your front porch and home. As you know from the articled “Professor Plant” plants can offer many health benefits beyond just beauty. Having a plant potted is a wonderful way to have a living bouquet that is sustainable and does not die on you within a week. As you also know, MiMi & Mom have since gotten a lavender and chamomile flower. These are two of my favorite flowers because they are not only beautiful they are editable. So, we are looking forward to an update and full pictures to share with everyone. The inspiration is flowing free.

How have you been inspired by these articles? How has someone in the community inspired you? What are your favorite flowers? Have you considered growing them in your yard or in a container? As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep growing.

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