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Harvesting Swiss Chard

Leafy Vegetables Shidonna Raven
Harvesting Swiss Chard
Source: Bonnie’s Plants
Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook

When harvesting, at least leafy plants such as lettuces and herbs, the rule of thumb seems to be to harvest from the outside first and only about a third of the plant. From observation we can see that these types of plants seem to grow from the inside out, which is why one harvests from the outside first. The more mature leaves are on the outside. The remaining leaves are left to mature and to photosynthesize for the plant, so it can continue to get a healthy does of sunlight to grow. What have you observed from the pictures we have shared? Do you have your own pictures to share? Email them to us.Are you ready to harvest? We are too! After the harvest comes eating. Everyone is ready to eat.

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