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Healthy: the New Normal after COVID 19

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When we begin this journey and started our garden, it was February. Several weeks later COVID 19 grew into a global pandemic. Before the pandemic our health and finding a true healing, not medication management, was very important to several of us. In fact for many along this journey health is very important to them on a professional and personal level. When COVID 19 hit the world and the communities with preexisting conditions the hardest, health took on a whole new meaning. Healthy became the New Normal. No longer is it acceptable to wait around for the next illness to add to or make other illnesses and one’s over all health worse. Seeking and identifying real cures and healing is more important than ever now that COVID 19 has highlighted how preexisting conditions can have a profound effect on your current and future health. In fact we discovered with our own health challenges that chronic illness can lead to other illness.

Like many people with preexisting conditions we took extra precautions. We also doubled down on our efforts to achieve good health. The good news is that we are on a path that we hope is the path to healing. Our journey has highlighted many concerns about the Western approach to ‘health’. As one medical professional said. “There is no money in health. The money is in disease”. These chilling words remain with us as we struggled with several medical professionals who could treat symptoms, manage medicine (the pharmaceutical industry) and prescribe one medicine after another. Indeed they could prescribe medicines for one’s medicines. However, they were not good at finding a sustainable cure. They could offer procedures that gave temporary relief but no actual cure.

Should you have an illnesses or just want to improve your health, we hope your journey leads you to good health and a healing. COVID 19 has taught us many lessons and will teach us many lessons yet. One lesson that we have learned is not to simply accept the first answer(s) or solutions. But, to look for a sustainable healing that does not lead to dependency on medications. It caused us to ask: what do you do when you are not healthy and a pandemic or illness hits? You make healthy your New Normal. How has your health been impacted by COVID 19? How has COVID 19 adjusted how you socialize? Do you do more virtually? Share your comments below. Share the wealth of health with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today. As always you are the best part of what we do. Stay healthy!

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