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Garden Side

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Garden Side

As many of you know and can see from some of our previous garden pictures, we had an unsightly porter potty that we sold this morning. We think this will improve the look of the garden and will make room for the sitting area we planned early spring. Now that the porter potty has gone we have moved forward with our plans to repurpose the space so that guests will have an area to enjoy the garden as well as the outdoors while the weather permits.

A few weeks ago we had a few members from our church over for an early summer cook out. So, people are already eager to sit outside near the garden and enjoy the space, as are many of the out of town relatives and friends that we have. We have a little prep work to do and installation to complete before the garden side area is ready.

Nonetheless, our friends, church members and family have all been put on notice. The “Garden Side” space as we are calling it will soon be ready. We are always looking for an excuse to see friends, church members and family. Now that things with Corona seems to be improving and people are more encouraged to ease into socializing more, it seems like the perfect time for the Garden Side to take sprout. How can you re-purpose an area in your home? We used craigslist to post and sale our item. There are many other sites that can be used. Which ones do you use? As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep sharing.

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