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Facebook establishes neuroscience centre dedicated to marketing studies

By John Glenday-24 May 2017 09:41am
Source: The Drum

Source: The Drum
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Facebook establishes neuroscience centre dedicated to marketing studies

Facebook is branching out into the field of neuroscience research with the creation of its own scientific lab dedicated to devising new marketing techniques for agencies, brands and media firms.

The Center for Marketing Science Innovation is still under construction in Manhattan but Facebook’s director of advertising research gave Ad Week a sneak peak of the fledgling facility, which takes the underwhelming appearance of a GP’s surgery.

This unassuming facade bellies a hi-tech operation behind the scenes however with neuroscience specialists to help guide marketers, publishers and brands toward impactful content.

To achieve this Facebook has built a variety of rooms designed to mimic common viewing environments such as a living area or conference suite with an array of monitors tracking every twitch and glance of strapped in guinea pigs.

By keeping tabs on heart rate, facial movements and eye movements of participants as they scroll through profiles or consume TV content it is hoped to gain a better understanding of how such imperceptible biological reactions correspond to real world behavior.

Speaking to Ad Week Daniel Slotwiner, Facebook’s director of advertising research, explained: “A lot of what we don’t understand is where people’s eyes are going when they’re on the platform. We know how much time people are spending on the platform, so this is really about how that time is spent and what features on our product they’re looking at.”

Facebook isn’t the first organisation to take an interest in biological cues for reading engagement, with a landmark Imperial College London study enabling marketers to get to know us better than we know ourselves.

The new centre is expected to be finished within the next few weeks.

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Source: Ad Week

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