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Tea in Bloom

Tea Infuser Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook

Source: Medical News Today

Speaking of flowers, flowers and herbs are often used to make the teas we enjoy. Teas are also a way of harvesting plants with medicinal powers for consumption. Chamomile tea is one of many teas with medicinal properties. The following are some of its benefits.

Benefits of chamomile tea

The potential benefits of chamomile tea, for which there is the most evidence, include:

1. Reducing menstrual pain

Several studies have linked chamomile tea to reduced severity of menstrual cramps. A 2010 study, for example, found that consuming chamomile tea for a month could reduce the pain of menstrual cramps. Women in the study also reported less anxiety and distress associated with period pain.

2. Treating diabetes and lowering blood sugar

Again, some studies have found that chamomile tea can lower blood sugar in people with diabetes. Research does not show that chamomile is a viable substitute for diabetes medications, but it may be a helpful supplement to existing treatments.

Similarly, a 2008 study of rats found that consistent consumption of chamomile tea might prevent blood sugar from increasing. This effect reduces the long-term risk of diabetes complications, suggesting that chamomile could improve diabetes outcomes.

3. Slowing or preventing osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the progressive loss of bone density. This loss increases the risk of broken bones and stooped posture. While anyone can develop osteoporosis, it is most common among post-menopausal women. This tendency may be due to the effects of estrogen.

2004 study found that chamomile tea might have anti-estrogenic effects. It also helped promote bone density, but the study’s authors caution that further research is needed to prove this apparent benefit.

4. Reducing inflammation

Inflammation is an immune system reaction to fight infection. Chamomile tea contains chemical compounds that may reduce inflammation. However, long-term inflammation is linked to a wide range of health problems, including hemorrhoids, gastrointestinal pain, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and even depression.

5. Cancer treatment and prevention

Some studies suggest that chamomile tea may target cancer cells, or even prevent those cells from developing in the first place. However, research so far is inconclusive, and scientists say more work is needed to prove chamomile’s anti-cancer claims. Also, most research has looked at clinical models in animals, not humans.

2012 study compared the cancer-fighting powers of marigold and chamomile teas. Both were able to target cancer tumors selectively, but the effects of marigold tea were more potent.

6. Helping with sleep and relaxation

Chamomile tea is widely thought to help people relax and fall asleep. Few clinical trials have tested this, however.

In one review of the current evidence, 10 of 12 cardiovascular patients are quoted as having fallen asleep shortly after consuming chamomile tea. A handful of other studies looking at clinical models also suggest that chamomile tea may help people relax.

In a study using rats, chamomile extract helped sleep-disturbed rodents fall asleep. Many researchers believe that chamomile tea may function like a benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines are prescription drugs that can reduce anxiety and induce sleep. Some research suggests that chamomile binds to benzodiazepine receptors.

A review looking at the ability of chamomile tea to reduce anxiety is inconclusive. Some studies show a modest anti-anxiety benefit, but others do not.

7. Treating cold symptoms

Anecdotal evidence and some studies suggest that inhaling steam with chamomile extract can relieve some of the symptoms of the common cold. But this benefit is not proven yet.

8. Treatment for mild skin conditions

small 1987 study found that applying chamomile extract directly to a wound assisted healing. Likewise, a few studies have found that chamomile ointments may help with eczema and mild inflammatory skin conditions, although they are not as effective as hydrocortisone cream.
Source: Medical News Today

What are your favorite teas? What are their medicinal purposes? What are the benefits of their medicinal purposes?

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Professor Plant

Benefits of House Plant

Learning something is perhaps one of the most humbling things you can do. Learning from a child can also be humbling. However, if you allow the learning experience to happen to you and you embrace it, you will learn something new. Depending on what you learn, learning can be profound. I learn something new every day in the garden. One of the things that struck me is how caring for and observing the plants has improved how I care for myself health wise. These little plants and seedling have taught me a lot. God is awesome in that his lessons, principles, parables and teachings are often transferable to other areas of our lives. Observing nature is no different. Having and caring for plants is observing nature.

I did expect to eat the plants and receive health benefits from that process. However, the other thing I noticed is that I have begun to recover from illness sooner than I had previously. I had a sneeze and mucus associated with the sneeze that just would not go away. In this current Corona client, as we know, being healthy is the new normal. One thing we have learned from Corona statistics is that those who already had underlining health concerned were hit the hardest. This showed up in nursing homes amongst the elderly and in African American communities.

I never took any medications to improve my sneeze. However, what I did do was take some natural (food) remedies know to boost the immune system, such as vitamin C, honey and ginger. I drank apple juice fortified with vitamin C and made a honey, ginger and turmeric tea. All of which I am sure contributed to my improved health. I also found that for some reason I was always cleaning my eyes. And suddenly the skin around my eyes was less agitated and moist. I stopped rubbing my eyes and the skin around my eyes became more soft and supple like the rest of my skin and the soreness in my throat begin to alleviate.

That I did not expect. What I did expect was to learn more about gardening and becoming a better gardener. What you can read in our May 31, 2020 article “Infectious Disease” is how we have been identifying plant disease and addressing it quickly. We do not have all the answers yet but we will keep close observation and let you know what we learn. What we do learn from WebMD is that house plants have the following benefits:

  • Allergy Relief
  • Lifts your Mood
  • Adds Moisture to the Air
  • Purifies the Air
  • Improves Digestion (Mint and other foods as well as herbs)
  • Relaxing (such as the Lavender & Chamomile MiMi and Mom have)
  • Good for First Aid (Aloe)
  • Produces Oxygen through photosynthesis
  • Relieves Stress
  • Faster Healing
  • Better Mental & Emotional Health

Click WebMD to read this article and learn more about the benefits of house plants. For those who choose to keep their gardens indoors or to have kitchen gardens, having your plants around maybe more beneficial than you knew. Do you have any house plants? Why do you have them? What do you like about having them around? What observations have you made? As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep sharing?

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MiMi’s Inspiration

African Marigold

MiMi and mom gifted us a Cynoglossum Amabile (Chines Forget Me Not) growing kit. Soon after I picked up another kit of Echinacea from the same location. They like a good deal just like we do so it was perfect and the Echinacea has begun to sprout from the kit I got. I did use a different pot then what was provided by the kit. On May 26, 2020 we posted the article “Crowded”  including a video showing how to use growing kits (specifically how to activate the growing medium). Click the article name “Crowded” to view the article. 

After which, MiMi and Mom got a kit for themselves and decided to grow Lavender & Chamomile. Two of our favorite flowers. Both can be used to make teas and both look very beautiful. Lavender is one of those amazing flowers that can be used for almost anything such as making oil scents, perfumes and you can cook with it. So, we though that was pretty cool and hope MiMi is having an awesome learning experience like us. So, we felt inspired to check out this store too since they (MiMi & Mom) are so good at finding deals. And we did. They had a variety of several kits there.

We did not pick up a kit. However, we did pick up some unexpected good advice. We were telling the staff all about the problem that we were having with ants and how we were really looking for an Organic Remedy to the issue. And it just so happen that a few of his family members were really into gardening also. He told me that ants hate Marigold and a few other plants and herbs. We were considering putting up a boarder around the garden. After doing a little research on the matter we discovered that he was 100% correct about the Marigold and ants. Needless to say we got several packs of Marigold Mission Giant Yellow (there are several varieties of marigold) to plant around the boarder of the garden. We also got one full fledge plant: an African Marigold. Some of its flowers are still blooming. Other flowers on the plant have already bloomed as you can see. Naturally the plants are more. So, we got a plant (it looks like four plants in one pot) to get us started and several seeds to keep us going. The seeds will take a week or two to sprout and over 2 months to bloom. We will soon separate the plants out into separate pots to spread the ‘remedy’ around.

As with all our ant Organic Remedies we are being persistent and trying to give them time to work. Because we have serval remedies at work if one does not work than we hope the other will. In the interest of time we are trying multiple avenues. So far the ants seems to be checking the Marigold out and she is standing firm. We will be making observations regarding all our remedies. We are learning too MiMi. Stay tuned to see how things go. 

Where are some interesting places you have found help or information? Have you ever considered using a plant as a pesticide? What other Organic Remedies do you know of that you can share with the community? Did you know ants also hate coffee grounds? Did you know that coffee grounds are good for compost and as a fertilizer? Read more about coffee grounds in our May 24, 2020 article “Compost & Coffee Grounds”. As always you are the best part of what we do. stay healthy.

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MiMi’s Flowers

Matthew 18:3-4 and said, “Truly , I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven”.

It has been a beautiful day in the garden today. The rain is falling perfectly for the plants and the birds are out sining their songs. As I stand in the mini greenhouse sowing the seeds that were recently attacked by what we believe was a vole, I could not help thinking this must be similar to what a rain forest sounds like. Starting this garden has made us more aware of our environment even in our urban and residential areas. Barbra and many others have been inspired to begin their own gardens. We will keep you updated on the inspiration that is sprouting up.

When we get our children involved in productive things and things that involve the environment as well as the cycle of life, my hope is that wonderful things ensue. So, I want to thank MiMi & Mom for the inspiration. This bible verse immediately came to mind. It is a wonderful thing to get children involved and a wonderful thing when they remind us of those things that are of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Since MiMi & Mom gave me a growing kit, they have went out and got their own really cool growing kit. This growing kit has metal pots. An important thing to remember when using metal pots is to line them so the roots of the plants do not get scorched by the pots and the sun when the metal heats up. We got on the topic of lining and paper. Because of the issues we had with mold, I recommended wax or parchment paper as a lining. They will be keeping an eye on things and letting us know how this works out. As always we will keep you updated on what we learn.

MiMi & Mom’s kit includes Lavender and Chamomile. Because they are both edible flowers, this kit is a very interesting combination. Lavender can be used for almost anything: cooking, sachets, balm, oils and decoration. Lavender can grow into a fairly tall and beautiful plant. Some people use them almost like shrubs. Chamomile is often used in teas but can also be used for decoration. Both make beautiful teas. Lavender can be placed on chicken breasts and baked as well.

During harvest season we look forward to seeing how MiMi & Mom use these beautiful flowers. MiMi & Mom are like me. They love a good deal and found this gorgeous kit at 5 below, which is a store where everything is $5 or lower. If my knowledge serves me correctly. What are some of your favorite flowers? Are they edible? How can you inspire someone else? Thank you for sharing with us MiMi & Mom. Share your comments with the community by posting them below. Share the wealth of health with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today. As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep sharing!

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