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How is the Garden

Cynoglossum amabile flower

The Garden is progressing very well. MiMi’s flower has grown pretty big. She out grew another pot and will probably out grow this one too. We are thinking of just getting a pillar. She really wants to be in the ground. But, we will see how we do with the pot for now. She has come a long way from a small little seed in a little bucket a few inches tall to a ma-mouth pot that looks great on the front porch. We recently moved a few plants from the back porch to the front porch (oregano, dill and chives). We put these plants in bigger pots hoping to give their roots more space to spread out and grow up. We also have echinacea on the front porch that went into a bigger pot. We freshened up cilantro hoping a few more seeds will sprout filling out cilantro’s bunch. And Parsley is doing just great and is absolutely delicious.

We also harvested some parsley from the garden and placed it into some water until we cook it. We believe that we have “Korean Lettuce”. It has grown into a full grown plant. And the cayenne pepper has one full pepper on its plant. One pepper is all you need with cayenne so, that is good. We know a few people who like it hot. Do you? If so, stay tune for updates on cayenne pepper. Have you ever grown a plant you knew very little about? We did: our “Korean Lettuce”. Stay tuned for how we cook up this mysterious treat. Have you been by our neighborhood garden? What are you waiting for? Schedule a time to come by.

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