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The Cabbage Family

One of the Ministers from the church stopped by with his wife, as they often do. When they came to the back yard to check out the garden, naturally they had a lot of questions. Come to find out his wife, like me, likes it hot. We have Habenaro, Jalapeno & Cayenne in our garden. So, luckily there is a lot to choose from. Cayenne is a main stay with our herbs and spices. We really like fresh salsa and guacamole around here. And we have been known to make homemade tortillas for fajitas. So, the jalapenos along with the onions and bell peppers are sure to be a big hit in our kitchen. Habenaro is a great pepper found in many of our favorite Caribbean dishes such as Jamaican patties. Needless to say we have plans for those peppers. As I am sure the Minister’s wife can come up with a few of her own.

Question: Dosen’t cabbage and brussle sprouts come in a globe shape? Why are the leaves facing outward?

Answer: The short answer is Yes. They do come to us in the shape of a globe.

The wonderful thing about a garden are the things you learn about your favorite herbs, vegetables and fruits. Because many of our plants came to us as seeds, we will get to see them from seeds to harvest and everything in between. So, we are glad that you are asking questions and are here with us on this journey. There is always something new in the garden. It amazes me how much these plants can change overnight. One day they do not have flowers. The next day they have flowers and they are pollinating. We have had several birds come to our garden and even a few beautiful butterflies and bees. We will talk about the birds and the bees later and where that saying came from anyway.

Pictured in this article you can see both brussel sprouts, apart of the cabbage family, and cabbage beginning to form globes in the middle of the plant. This is a very good thing. We had a cookout this weekend and steamed up some cabbage Jamaican style. We have just about everything we need to whip up another batch from the garden. We were very pleased by the way the cabbage cooked up. So, we are sure to have more.

The Cabbage Family. …forming into a globe

We know a few good cooks. So, we are hoping they come over and help us cook up some curry goat and cabbage come harvest season. What observations have you made? Observations are very important in gardening. Did you know the true color of carrots is purple? They added beta carotene to it causing the vegetable to turn orange. What have you learned so far? Thank you for your questions. We look forward to answering them as we take this journey with you. Share your comments with the community by posting them below. Share the wealth of health with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today. As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep sharing!

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