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Soil Blocks – The Follow Up

Soil Blocks: We tried them and told you we liked them. So, here is the follow up. They seem to remain very good at preventing disease. Keeping things maintained and orderly. They are highly efficient. Requiring very little water. They are compact and seem to be carrying a lot of what seedlings need to get started and get transplanted into an outside garden or an inside container. The clay trays could be helping with that too. With my first go at this, I barely noticed, some of the seeds washed out of the Soil Blocks and along rocky (clay) ground. And as the parable of the sower goes, they immediately spring up because they had no depth of soil. But since they have no root, we know they will perish (Matthew 13). The parable of the sower is one of my favorite parables, which I have read many times. It just so happens that I am in the book of Matthew. When you look closely at the featured image for this article you will see that the seeds that were washed out of the soil block indeed sprouted. So, we are praying that we do indeed have good soil in our yard. We have not had it tested. We will indeed learn much on our journey. The cabbage and tomatoes are doing well. But we know different plants have different needs. So, we shall see what our soil produces.

We noticed that a few of the seeds sprouted right away, in just a few days. This is fast for almost all the seeds we have. You can see cabbage pictured to the left. We do have plenty of cabbage. However, those came to us as plants. These as you can see came to us as seeds. As you can see the Soil Blocks are very neat, efficient and it would seem fast. So far we are very pleased. It will be easy to place the hole thing, roots ready, in the ground. The material binding the soil together is very degradable. However, what you may find, Soil Blocks, handmade in a larger garden or farm probably will be more moist with no binding medium. Once the cabbage grows into a larger plant, she will go outside into the garden with a head start. Stay tuned to the journey and we will be sure to give you updates.

What would be the benefits of Soil Blocks for growing your own plants in or outside? What are your observations? How can these Soil Blocks help you save? Do you know where to find Soil Blocks locally? What questions do you have. We love the shape of cabbage sprouts. They look like little hearts just in time for mother’s day. The also remind us of the clover plant. Share your comments with the community by posting them below. Share the wealth of health with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today. As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep sharing!

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