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Nature is an interesting thing. Just when you think you have a pest under control, you do not and just when you think a plant is done, it comes back. During this journey the days have been rare when I have felt ahead of the curve when it comes to pests. Some of the seemingly easiest things to do are not Organic. The Organic Remedy can be that of great patience as it will often work in conjunction with nature and on her time table not ours. If all things are effective, our known pest issues should soon come under control. Things definitely seem to be getting better and not worse although time will tell. We still have a ways to go with the snails and ants in the garden.

The good news is that we believe the Vole was the root of the problem as it was eating our vegetables from underneath the ground. We will be keeping our eyes peeled and hoping things come under control. There are a few things that have truly been time savers for us affording us an opportunity to give our attention to other things in the garden and they both surround watering and pest control applications.

First we purchased a water can, which is designed to mimic the application of water in a manner similar to nature (rain fall). My can is super fast and can cover a large amount of space in a short time. I placed both my fertilizer (promote plant health) and ground black pepper (ant deterrent) in my water can and was able to apply it within minutes. The second solution was an oscillating water sprinkler. By the time we put our salad on the plate for dinner the garden had been watered. We came out to check the sprinkler and had to turn it off because it had spread so much water so fast it was beginning to pool.

These two items saved me so much time I had time to transplant a couple of plants into new pots; clean some previously emptied pots and clean up around the garden. Anytime you can save time around the garden through automation or quick applications for example do so. What are some things you do to save time? What are some new ways you can save time? What is the cost savings or expense to these methods? Does it make sense overall? As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep growing.

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