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Repairing Flower Stem

Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook Marigold Flower

Featured Photo Source: Shidonna Raven Garden & Cook

Source: Shidonna Raven – Garden and Cook
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When our African Marigold was outside it bent way over to reach the sun, as plants do. Lets pause here. What we should have done was rotate the flower so that the stem would not bend in an effort to reach the resources of the sun. When we brought the Marigold inside for the winter we decided to turn her so that her stem would straighten out. However, the bend was too drastic and the position we placed her in, so a few days after bringing her end we notice that her stem had been almost folded in an effort to reach the sun. So, we acted quickly but did not have a stake on hand to repair her damaged stem.

Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook Marigold Flower

As they say: improvise. In an effort to improvise and offer a speedy repair with no tape on hand nor stake. We cut open a drinking stray and placed it around her stem where the bend is to give her and nature time to do what it does best: heal. Stay tuned to see how this fix worked out.

We are hoping that she heals and heals fast. Have you used any unorthodox plant repair techniques? Tell us about it. How did it work out? What did you learn?

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