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Organic Origin

Within the pages of the bible you will find many references to farming in fact the first fruits of farms were a main feature of tithing. As we explore and understand the concepts of gardening and farming, truths that are fundamental to all facets of our lives will be revealed. Like most people with a liberal arts education you are trained to see how things connect to each other. Your ability to compare and analyze these connections is highly refined. Within these articles you will discover both the simple and the profound. Many of the techniques we use are simply timeless and have been used since the beginning of time. You will learn the simple skills needed to start and maintain a garden. You will also come to understand the profound nature of timeless techniques and approaches that were true centuries ago and remain true today. As we shared with you, this is a journey and we are glad that you are here. If you allow it; these articles will be trans-formative to your health and well begin. At the center of everything we do is you. And at the origin of our journey; the foods we grow and the dishes we prepare is good health. We believe at the heart of everything you do is your good health.

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