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Moving indoors

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I don’t think I have ever met a plant that didn’t love being outside. However, its not every plant that can be exposed to the outside elements during a frost and still survive. Having experienced cold climates, typically its only the evergreens that can thrive during the winter without some type of shelter or aid. In fact, there are a few farmers who will tell you that they can produce a harvest in the midst of winter. However, these farmers are typically using some type of greenhouse or frame to shield their plants from the winter elements in some form or another. As we come upon the winter months this conversation is important because we are at a time where one should be making plans to move their outdoor plants inside or making winter plans for their garden.

Speaking of which, the following are a few tips for planning for your plants during the winter months:

  • Assess your plants needs
    • what are its light needs
    • what type of nutrients will its soil need
    • what will be its water needs
    • what will be its drainage needs
    • what will be its fresh air needs
  • based on your plants needs
    • where will you place the plant indoors
    • how will you provide for all of its needs

You have probably been feeding its soil the proper nutrients all along and this should not change much. One major thing to consider is where to place your plant indoors so that it will get the amount of sunlight it will need. Grow lights are a great resource that inside growers take advantage of when the light source is not as much as they need. Also, you may have allowed your plant to drain into soil or onto your patio or porch. Now that the plant will be inside do you have trays to catch any access water. During the winter months people sometimes let in as little fresh air as possible. But, your plants will want the fresh air. They breathe like people do and need fresh air also. Remember to monitor how your plants are doing with the temperature change. They do not want to frost but they don’t want to be in a sauna either. At least moist plants. Succulents and cacti would probably beg to differ. Different plants do have different needs.

What plants are you planning on bringing indoors? I have seen people with plants over 20 years old. That is fantastic. Some people have an amazing way with plants! Are there any plants that can be left outdoors? What is your biggest concern with bringing your plant(s) indoors?

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