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Medical Fraud in our backyard

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Fraud seems to have become so prevalent and clandestine one rarely notices it when they first see the signs of it. In fact we have been subject to medical fraud ourselves. Since the beginning of the fraud, in 2012, our health has declined to its worst state ever due to what we believe have been a host of subsequent misdiagnosis and treatments. Typically fraud involves some type of financial gain through over billing, billing for unnecessary treatments and procedures. The fraud can also include submitting false claims and attempting to defraud Medicaid and Medicare through billing. Medical professionals have also used their activities to cover other crimes such as sex crimes. These criminals are often looking for a means to get paid through billing some type of insurance company or government agency.

In fact we have documented a major hospital in Norfolk, VA, USA who used Chamberlin and Edmonds to falsify patients signatures in an attempt to bill fraudulent Medicaid claims to social security. We have documented that these same group of individuals have submitted multiple fraudulent applications and claims since 2012 in attempt to get paid through billing. They submitted so many fraudulent claims it sparked an internal investigation into their activities. These groups and organizations will sometimes use third party companies and organizations to force fraudulent claims through. These groups will often misinform or misguide patients in hopes of deceiving them for a pay day.

We have heard the reports of health care fraud and never thought we would see such atrocities first hand. What have you learned from these articles? How can these articles help you, your family and friends? Do you report fraud when you see it? Share your comments below. Share the wealth of health with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today. As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep sharing!

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