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Let it Rain

It has been about a week since we were frantically in the garden center enlisting the help of staff to help us resolve some of the clandestine pest issue we were facing. We saw the flies concentrated in one area and we just could not figure out what was attracting them. Come to find out they were eating all of the Cabbage & Brussels Sprouts up before we had a chance and doing a pretty good job at it. We were able to identify Neem Oil as an Organic Source for preventing the flies from eating our plants. If you would like to learn more about Neem Oild read our article “Neem Oil” dated May 18,2020. The flies were our unknown pests. We found Neem Oil in a spray bottle solution initially. Since then we have sourced 100% pure Neem Oil and will make our own water solution. It is also recommended to use liquid soap to make the Neem Oil easier to apply to plant leaves. We will start with water and warm it slightly if needed. Stay tuned to find out if we decided to add soap to our own solution.  Neem Oil is also a pesticide, fungicide and miticide so we have found it useful for several things.

The Vole was our unseen culprit. We have been looking a long time for this pest, but it never reared its head. This left us scratching our heads until perfectly healthy plants were being uprooted and our transplants were taking so long to catch root as well as develop root systems. The Mole Max addresses the problem of mole like animals solely with sound so it is very Organic, Natural and overall Environmentally Friendly. So, far these two remedies seem to be working well and we could not be more thrilled. We find them to be very unobtrusive to our food chain and the environment as a whole. Spinach is even trying to make a comeback although it may be too late for Kale, which was just beginning to thrive.

The rain has brought some challenges to our pest regimen. We are still applying the Neem Oil solution and waiting on the Pure Neem Oil to arrive. We applied the Neem Oil solution in the hopes that it will not wash away fast. The Mole Max is unaffected by the rain while the Ground Black Pepper solution is still unknown. We stopped applying the Ground Black Pepper solution in fear that it would get washed away as soon as we applied it, but we have not seen any signs of ants outside with all this rain. So, we will focus our Organic Ant Remedy inside while we wait for the rain to let up. Stay tuned to find out how this remedy works and if we try another one.

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