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Juicing & Ginger

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Featured Photo Source: Unsplash, Hilary Hahn

When we began to experience health concerns one of the first things we did was change our diet, which is also typically the first thing your doctor asks you about when you come to them with health concerns. As we begin to change our diet one of the things that was recommended to us was to juice. Indeed vegetables, fruits and even roots posses many of the medicinal benefits our body needs to receive proper nutrition, stay health, heal and to be strong tackling whatever we wish to achieve whether that is low impact walking for fitness or athletic super bowl greatness. In fact it is reported that Lebron spends $1.5 million on his body alone keeping his body at the top of its athletic game and all his championship wins is a testament to that.

So we recently made an investment in our body and in our health by getting a juicer. One of the first things we began to make is a ginger, turmeric and honey tea with our juicer. Read our other article today to learn more about the medicinal benefits of ginger. There are many ways to invest in your body from personal fitness trainers to protein shakes. How do you invest in your body and consequently your health? How wold you like to invest in your body? Time is also a form of investment. Search “10 minute exercise” on our site to learn more about how you can increase your lifespan by investing 10 minutes a day. What are 3 things you spend 10 minutes a day on? Are you willing to use that time lengthening your days?

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