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Japan is Number 1: Recycling

Japan Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook

When one of our friends moved to Japan, one striking difference we noted was their (Japan’s) commitment to the environment: namely recycling. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (an intergovernmental organisation) named Japan as number one in landfills (in 2015). Japan has a rigorous recycling plan that leaves very little waste for landfills. Japan is also 19th in the world, according to OECD in 2015, for recycling and composting. We (the United States) are 54th and 35th respectively. But, with cities like San Francisco as shinning and positive and progressive examples, there is much hope for the United States to go from being the largest waste producers in the world to true leaders in progressive and positive environment change.

The City of Norfolk, VA, USA offers curbside or drop off recycling options for residence: Click Here to learn more! Composting offers the gardener a wonderful resource of nutrients for their plants. The same is true for grass (it is a plant. a large plant. but a plant). The fruits from compositing can provide one with chemical (depending on what you put in your composter) free fertilizers for their grass and save them a trip to the store by using sustainable resources such as leaves and used coffee grounds to feed nutrients back into beautifying their yards or feeding house plants. Countries like Japan and cities like San Francisco remind us just how possible and beneficial recycling can be.

What other ways do you use compost? How often have you bought fertilizer? What are the benefits and savings to you for recycling and composting not to mention the environment we live in?

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