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Harvest & Cook

Harvesting has been slow but sure. So, we decided to cook up what we had since it was ripe and ready. We had one sole bean pod that was ready to harvest. Although there are a few more on the plant. And we harvested a few leaves from our kitchen parsley plant leaving some leaves to continue the growth process. We encrusted the chicken with the kitchen garden fresh parsley and garnished a salad with cooked garden fresh beans from the outside garden. We finished this meal off with an Organic lemon squeezed into a cup of water. We are looking forward to the harvest increasing so we can cook fuller meals with more garden vegetables, fruits, herbs and beans included. Stay tuned for what we cook up next.

We are so curious. What are your favorite recipes? We know a couple of you out there with kitchen gardens with edible vegetables and flowers. What have you been cooking up? Send us an email with photos. We love photos as you can tell. We hope you do too. What should we cook up next? Did you know that you can make the same fresh squeezed Organic Lemon drink also for under $2? How much do you spend on soft drinks?

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