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Free COVID 19 Testing

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With everyone we know being impacted by COVID 19, we wanted to share some information about free and local testing (Norfolk, VA, USA). We encourage you to locate a (free) testing location if you are not located in Norfolk, VA. Some congressman are stating that testing was a missed opportunity when reopening. As we reopen some of us are faced with work environments that may unintentionally expose us to COVID 19. Indeed we are all susceptible leaving many of us questioning if we have COVID 19? What do we do if we do have COVID 19? These are definitely scary times and we understand because we truly are all in this together. We encourage everyone to make informed decisions and to inform those around you if you are indeed positive for COVID 19. Many people have survived and we hope that time will be on your side should you or a loved one have to face overcoming this virus. We wish everyone great health. Remember healthy is the New Normal. As we know the communities impacted the most were those with preexisting conditions. How has COVID 19 impact you and your family? How have things changed for you since COVID 19? How have you cooped with the pandemic? Share your comments below. Thank you to the City of Norfolk for providing this resource and to those who have shared it. Share the Wealth of Health with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today. As always you are the best part of what we do. Stay healthy!

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