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Echinacea going home

Echineca Plant Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook

One of our favorite things to do after growing the plants from seeds is to send it to a new home. Echinaca has been one of our most popular plants because of it medicinal purposes. In fact we know many people who have been taking it daily, particularly since COVID 19 to boost their immune system. Echineca has many medicinal properties. We wish everyone health and safety during these times and encourage everyone to practice the new normal: healthy by taking measures to boost one’s immune system. Indeed we do know that even healthy people are getting COVID 19 not just people with underlying conditions. However, we hope that immune boosting measures will give one’s body a strong fighting chance against any attacks it may face.

This Echineca plant will be going home to a person who is all about not claiming disease and taking a natural approach to health. We hope this plant grows up big and yields many immune boosting days for the owner of her new home. Would you like to take your own plant home? Shop our plants and take one home today (local delivery / pick up only – Norfolk, VA, USA).

Echinacea shidonna raven garden and cook
Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook

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