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Echinacea at home

Echineaca Plant Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook

As we shared with you earlier this week, we are down to one plant. All other plants have found a new home and echinacea was one of them. I want to think her new care taker for being so patient as I prepared her for her new home. Since we are in the midst of a pandemic, I would be remiss not to tell you that among many medicinal benefits echinacea (one of our most requested plants) is a great source for building one’s immune system. With many with pre-exiting conditions being hit hard by COVID 19, Dr Peoples recommend that one take immune boosters to maintain good health during the pandemic. So echinacea, although it will take some time to bloom, is especially significant today.

Learn more about how echinacea can ‘enhance‘ your immune system and its healing powers:

Thank you for sharing an update and pictures with us! As we can see she growing up big and tall. She will grow about 4 to 5 feet tall. Plant holders like you are sending in pictures and keeping us updated on their plants progress. You can too by emailing us at We love to get your updates and glad good things are sprouting around Hampton Roads and helping to keep people in good health. Share your comments with the community by posting them below. Share the wealth of health with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today. As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep sharing.

Bring home your own parsley plant

Parsley Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook
Parsley Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook

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