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COVID 19 and Climate Change

COVID-19 Mitigation Leads to Reduced Pollution Associated with Decreased Fossil Fuel Use
Source: NASA
Shidonna Raven Garden and Cook

Many people have commented on the not so unusual phenomena of the planet healing itself as the world halted to a stop. In deed climate change such as extreme temperatures of heat: we have seen 102 Degrees Fahrenheit in Norfolk, VA, USA this summer (2020) alone. Extreme heat can leave people exposed to stroke and heat exhaustion landing them in the hospital. So, as one might imagine people are thrilled to see the positive change in the environment. We have definitely felt the heat and experienced the flood waters here in Norfolk, VA, USA.

We know that COVID 19 remains at the forefront of people’s minds as we wait at the edge of our seats for a cure. While you wait read COVID-19: How to Prevent Getting Infected.

What measures have you and yours taken to stay COVID 19 free? There is so much we still do not know about COVID 19. Have any of your precautions included organic or natural remedies? Do you know of anyone who has tested positive for COVID? Share your comments with the community by posting them below. Share the wealth of health with your friends and family by sharing this article with 3 people today. As always you are the best part of what we do. Keep sharing.

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